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South County Roofing is your local roofer. We give roofing, roof repair, roof tune up estimates for Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, and Dana Point.

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South County Roofing offers Laguna Niguel residents roof repair services such as: roof leak detection, roof inspection, broken roofing tile repair, roof tune ups, skylight repairs, and some small roof replacements. We are roof repair only company for Laguna Niguel.

Adding Roof Ventilation Will Help Cool Your Home

We offer the install of many different type of roof ventilation units such as: Solar fans, O'Hagin brand roof vents, standard dormers, and wind turbines for asphalt composition roofs. We know how to measure your attic space and calculate the amount square inches of venting you will need to properly vent your attic. We will can also check to make sure yo have a balanced intake system for getting fresh air into the attic to make sure your solar attic fan will work to the best of its ability.

Roof Tune Ups - South County Roofing

Our Roof Tune Up Will Extend Your roofs Life

You may be wondering what exactly is a roof tune up? A roof tune up is a combination of some basic roof repair services or maintenance that your roof will need over the course of its life span.

For a tile roofs (Clay Tile, Spanish Tile, Concrete Tile, Lightweight Tile) these services may include checking for and replacing broken roofing tiles, resealing plumbing and heating flashing collars, checking to make sure the water heater and furnace pipe have the proper storm collars and caps that are intact.

We also check the flashing around the chimney and fireplace, make sure you gutter and valley's are not clogged with debris, check for slipped tiles, inspect the mortar, and a few other things.

The roof tune up for an asphalt composition roof is basically the same as the tile roof but we will also be inspecting your roof shingles to make sure they are installed correctly, check the granual loss and reparability of the roof, inspect ridge caps and replace as necessary, and look for wind or water damage to the shingles and the eaves.

Roof Tune Ups - South County Roofing

Laguna Niguel Roof Leak Detection

If your roof is leaking you should have a roof leak detection specialist scheduled to come out to your house and assess the situation. Roof leak detections is one of the most difficult and tedious parts of roofing and we specialize in. It takes a lot of skill, training, and patience to be done correctly.

When we do leak detection, it is a thorough process of finding the leak source and repairing the roof while minimizing the size of the roof repair area to keep costs down as much as we can.

No matter what part of the roof is leak (the skylight, a valley section of the roof, chimney or fireplace, or a flashing leak) you can rest assured we will find the leak source, identify the problem, photograph and document it, repair the roof back to its original condition, and finally warranty it with our exclusive "No Leak" warranty.

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